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Chairperson Message

Dear Professional Colleagues,

Warm Greetings to you.


        I am delighted to be the torch bearer of Salem Branch of SIRC of ICAI as the 31st Chairperson.    Comprising an all women team as management committee, | believe that all has started well will travel well through the year with the able guidance of Past Chairmen of our Branch and with all well wishers and seniors.

     What an honour to have eminent personalities for installing my team, my special thanks to CA. Dungar Chand U Jain, Chairman SIRC of ICAI , Dr.S.Sathya, AGM ( AAVIN),Chennai.

       The new team comprises of CA. R.Saranya as Chairperson , CA.U.V. Sujatha as Vice Chairperson, CA. V.Pushpalatha as Secretary and CA Saradha Ashok as Treasurer.

     We are now the relay runner with the Olympic Torch, 12 glorious awards for the ga'% outstanding performances over the past so many years and we have aherculean task S87 before us. | understand the sanctity of this prestigious seat and the onus of the , achievements is on our new team. The past Chairmen have assured their complete support with their time and energy, which will be a yeomen service to our branch. On behalf of our team, | assure that we will progress further by the standards set by our predecessors. As a team, we will give our best and our team would take the extra mile to achieve our goal. We have set an action plan and would strive to achieve it.

       Salem Branch has always been atrend setter and! am aware to be in the race for accomplishment of goals, | have to run faster and | appreciate the support of all the members for the willingness to shoulder any responsibility for the branch, has moved me and Our team, enough energy for the entire period. We propose to start Yoga session for members at our branch and we request the members to make use of the facility.

The branch has meticulously planned various seminars and programs for the upcoming days such that it will not hinder our professional commitments and all programs will be intimated sufficiently in advance for your planning and to attend the same. | requestthe members to honour us by your presence for the success of the program.

The Managing Committee wishes all the members a successful and rewarding Bank Audit season.

Unity is strength.....when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved - Mattie Stepanek


செய்தக்க அல்ல செயக்கெடும் செய்தக்க
செய்யாமை யானுங் கெடும்.


செய்யத் தகுந்த செயல்களை செய்யாமல் விட்டாலும் கேடுதான்
செய்யத்தகாத செயல்களைச் செய்வதென்றாலும் கேடுதான்


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